Way, Truth, Life Buttons: A Fun Bible School Activity for Your Preschoolers

Alongside with John 3:16, John 14:6 is one of the most beloved Scriptures in the Bible. It claims this: “I am the way, the fact and the life. No guy comes to the Father besides through me.” I individually like this verse due to the fact of all it teaches us about God. I will need to know that Jesus is the way for me to follow. This life is comprehensive of twists and turns and I can depend on Him to immediate m life. I will need to know that Jesus is the fact in a environment that is crammed with lies. And I will need to know that Jesus is the life inside of me, both now and eternally. It is genuinely not too early to introduce this good Bible verse to your preschoolers and a fun way to do this is with the following Bible college action known as “Way, Truth, Lifetime Buttons.”

Here is what you do:

For this action you will will need to put together 4 “buttons” every showcasing the phrases “way”, “fact” and “life”. I produced my ” buttons” from the tops and bottoms of frozen juice cans. I then went on to my computer system and produced up great colourful labels and secured them to the circles. Next, hide 9 of the buttons in a basket or box crammed with cotton balls or packaging popcorn or a thing related. Location the last way, fact, life buttons on exhibit for the entire class to see. You are now completely ready to participate in the match.

Here is how to participate in:

Just after introducing John 14:6 to your little types, pick a kid to be the “Way, Truth, Lifetime Button” finder. Instruct the finder to uncover one button every which claims way, fact or life. Just about every button that he pulls out that is not a match might be set to the facet until he finds all 3 correct buttons. Just after all 3 circles are found, congratulate the kid, then have the entire class say, “Jesus mentioned, ‘I am the way, the fact and the life.'” Return the buttons back again to the box. Carry on taking part in the match in this way until all kids have experienced the possibility to be the finder.

Ahead of taking part in this Bible college action, you might want to introduce the lesson in the following way:

Present-day Bible verse claims this: “I am the way, the fact and the life.” Jesus is the way. (Keep up the “way” button.) He is the way to Heaven and shows us which way to go in life. Jesus is the fact. (Keep up the “fact” button.) Jesus hardly ever lies. He often tells us the fact and He would like you to know the fact these as how considerably He loves you. Jesus is also life. (Keep up the “life” button.) Each breath you take comes from God. And if you like Jesus, you will get to stay with Him permanently and ever. Let us participate in a fun match to assist us don’t forget that Jesus is the way, the fact and the life. It is known as, “Way, Truth, Lifetime Buttons.”