A Simple Seated Isometric Exercise Workout For Seniors

First of all, allow me notify you that I am 70 several years outdated and have been executing this standard work out application, along with some other pursuits for various several years.

Given that you might not be common with isometric exercises, just a brief operate down.

These are exercises completed where a single muscle mass team, for example the biceps (entrance of upper arm… curls the arm), pulls or pushes against possibly a different muscle mass team, for example the triceps (again of upper arm… extends the arm), or, an immoveable object.

The muscle mass is tensed in contraction or extension for concerning seven and 10 seconds.

I often do a gradual count to 10, myself.

Warning, while the recommendation for most swift results is to tense the muscle mass to 75% of its utmost capability, you have no way of measuring this, and, at to start with, you are at greater risk of injuries, so, as you begin, just tense right until you truly feel resistance and steadily you will start off to sense the “sweet place”. Also, supporting muscle tissues may possibly not be as strong as the primary muscle mass getting exercised, and you don’t want to have to prevent because you have hurt some lesser muscle mass.

There is a tendency during excessive effort to hold your breath.

This is a different minimal rule of thumb of mine. If I have to prevent breathing to do the individual isometric work out, I am trying way too hard and risking injuries… not just to the muscle mass, but to the coronary heart.

The aim is to enable you get, and continue to be, in condition, not make you into a skilled athlete. Isometric exercises should really in no way be your only exercises. You should really walk or do other varieties of cardio pursuits, at the least. It is really also a excellent plan to do some exercises which basically involve motion, as an isometric work out contraction does not work out a individual muscle mass by way of its whole variety.

Which is why, by the way, I do some exercises of the similar muscle mass in different positions.

At the conclude of the workout by itself, I will give you a few of hints to boost your final result, both of those with the isometric work out workout by itself, and with adding a little bit of cardio action in the approach.

THE Exercise routine

Get oneself a durable chair with out arms. Kitchen area table style will do. Set it in situation.

Now, walk close to the property for a minute or two to “get the blood flowing”.

You will want to do the exercises a single appropriate immediately after a different, at the time your physique is acclimatized to the isometric workout, but, at to start with, don’t press it and often take as considerably rest concerning exercises as you will need. This is supposed to enable you get healthier… not press you into turning out to be an Olympic degree athlete… or possessing a coronary heart assault.

Bit by bit decreased oneself to a seat on the chair… BUT…

Just prior to you are basically seated and even now in form of a skier’s pose, prevent and hold situation for a gradual count of 10.

To preserve time, and typing, from now on, I will not say “gradual count of 10”, I will just say to hold the situation.

Sit on the chair as considerably ahead as you can as later on you will want to rock again and forth a minimal.

ARMS, Upper body, Again

These exercises will be completed in three teams of threes to allow the individual muscle tissues rest a little bit concerning the exercises. At the similar time, this permits you to get a tiny amount of cardio results from isometric exercises, which is hard to do.

First set:

Arms Exercise 1:

Keep a single arm so that it is at your side and varieties a 90 degree angle at the elbow in pretty much the common “appear at my muscle mass”. Put the palms of your palms alongside one another and, pull up with the to start with arm while pushing down with the other and hold. Reverse hand positions and repeat.

Upper body Exercise 1:

Put the fist of a single hand into the palm of the other in entrance of your chest. Thrust them against each other, and hold.

Again Exercise 1:

With palms even now in entrance of you, grasp palms, pull, and hold.

For Set 2, repeat the isometric exercises with your palms in a low situation, at or under your waist.

For Set 3, repeat the exercises with your palms in a superior situation.

Never worry about variety. You are executing this for you, and, how you appear doesn’t actually make any difference. Also, as you get more robust, develop into more common with the exercises, and how they truly feel, you will start off to comprehend that you can focus the contraction where you want it.

Main Additionally

I used the word “additionally” because while the focus of the next exercises are on the core, or middle place of the physique, you will be executing a several items for other pieces as very well. We will not be executing various positions of these.

Main Exercise 1:

Put your palms on top of your knees and, employing your belly muscle tissues as considerably as attainable, press down, and hold.

Main Exercise 2:

Put your appropriate hand on the exterior of a single knee and pull to the other side as if you are trying to transform in that course. Try to use your core muscle tissues and just use your arm as if it have been a “stick”. Keep. Then repeat heading the other way.

Additionally Workout routines 1 & 2:

At this point, for a mini-break in my core exercises, I place my palms concerning my legs, push the backs of my palms against the insides of my knees, push outward, and hold.

When this is completed, place your palms on the exterior of your knees and push inward and hold.

Main Exercise 3:

Place a single hand on top of your opposite knee (appropriate hand on left knee or left hand on appropriate knee). Employing your core (belly) muscle tissues, push down, and hold. Reverse and do with the other hand and knee.


Neck Exercise 1:

Place your palms against the entrance of your brow. Thrust ahead with your neck and resist with your palms.

Neck Exercise 2:

Put your palms powering your head. Pull again with your neck muscle tissues and pull against that with your palms and hold.

Past Exercise

Start off to stand up, BUT, just as you very clear the chair, prevent and hold for that gradual count to 10.

Stand up, place the chair absent and stroll close to the property for a few of minutes.


When at to start with you may possibly just want to do the isometric exercises and allow the rest go, if you want to get a minimal more cardio influence, and, make the exercises more helpful at the similar time, add a minimal motion to each work out, just prior to the “hold”.

For example, in the arm exercises, I alternately curl and lengthen my arms for about three or four occasions prior to I place them in the “hold” situation. In the chest work out, I shift my arms in and out prior to I basically set up for the work out. I test to make each shift as if I have been shifting into situation and just preserve heading three or four occasions.

I described sitting ahead on the chair. This is so you can rock again and forth prior to the belly exercises. For the neck, I shift my chin to my chest and elevate it up, or, appear up at the ceiling and straighten my head again up.

HOW Generally?

Given that I can place a whole lot of effort into each “hold”, I only do this workout four occasions a 7 days, two days on, a single day off, two days on, and two days off. On the other hand, you may possibly have to enjoy close to, specifically at to start with.

A person thing to actually look at out for is soreness. When there may possibly be a minimal soreness with any variety of work out, particularly a new a single, if you are actually experience suffering, you are trying way too hard. In truth, I endorse that for the to start with several months that you make the force fairly light and steadily improve it right until you are enduring true resistance.

No hurry. The truth that you are executing this minimal isometric work out application, which almost certainly only take about 10 minutes or so, on a normal basis will soon start off to offer results. Now, you may possibly not reduce a whole lot of weight, or improve your strength greatly, but, you should really observe a little bit more strength, and a looseness in your garments immediately after a several months.